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Our flexible IT solutions are transforming and enabling businesses of all sizes to grow.

Improve or expand your business by using the latest technologies, reducing costs and increasing effeciency.

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Cost effective for SME and Enterprise solutions

Businesses today cannot afford to fall behind. Noveix offers you a range of solutions to ensure you are working with the latest virtualisation technologies and are at the top of your game.

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Tapes, Custom Labels

High quality consumables at competitive prices!

Are you looking for the latest in LTO technology? Look no further, Noveix is offering our customers the latest in media technology at an highly competitive price. Current LTO media products include: LTO-2, LTO-3, LTO-4, LTO-5 & LTO-6 Data Cartridges and LTO Universal Cleaning Cartridges
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Managed Services

On Demand IT Professionals

Noveix can provide IT professionals on demand. Ad-hoc, part-time or otherwise, we are here to help.

Looking for a part time resource? We can provide ad-hoc or part-time resources with the flexibility of aligning to the dynamic demands of your IT and business requirements. Complete flexibility at an affordable price.

Short on Resources

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Need resources for special projects, Ad-Hoc or just as a stop gap measure. Have our professional services staff help you with fulfil your needs. Our staff have many years or industry experience, you would be surprised how affordable it is.

Cloud Services

Noveix enables organisations of any size to effectively advance through the physical-to-virtual-to-cloud journey by employing a pragmatic and proven approach that incorporates people, process, technology and architecture.


As today's big data challenges increase, the demands on data centers have never been greater. Our solutions architects design optimised solutions exclusively for delivering data services to today's demanding applications with simplicity, speed and lower cost.

Search Correlate Analyse

Splunk is software that lets you search and analyse all your IT infrastructure data from a single location in real time. Having deployed across multiple industries with several use cases, Noveix is ideally placed to help you take your IT monitoring to the next level.


Tripwire delivers unprecedented risk visibility, business context and security business intelligence enabling enterprises to protect sensitive data and assets from breaches, vulnerabilities, and threats. Being the only certified partner in the region, Noveix is able to assist your organisation achieve your compliance needs.


We also offer sourcing and delivery services for our customers IT consumable and data media requirements.We offer a full data media supply service including its DLT®, LTO, DAT/DDS based consumables for tape backup, recovery and archive of business-critical data for small business to enterprise class customers.